Fabrics and Prints


The fabric listed below are the ones that we most commonly use.

Cotton Spandex is a type of fabric that has excellent retention and provides good comfort. Cotton span is made up of mostly cotton and up to 2% to 5% spandex. This type of fabric is mostly used in women's top and is a must in leggings. It is stretchy and it provides nice fitting and comfort when worn that you can even do back flips while having a cup of coffee. We commonly use this on shirts because of the comfy feels.

Cotton Spanrib is quite different from the cotton spandex in a number of ways. First spanrib gives off more of the cotton feel than that of the spandex. While spandex stretches on a unidirectional manner, spanrib stretches way better on one direction and that direction is perpendicular to its ribbings, and less if pulled in the parallel side of the ribbings. We use spanrib fabrics on our items that are meant to be fitted cause it stretches nicely.

Jersey Cotton is exceptionally soft and smooth. Also it has high breath-ability and good in providing warmth and comfort. On the other side, the fabric has a limited stretch and if you plan on soaking yourself wet in the rain, it is not a good idea to wear this for it has high absorbency. 

Interlock Fabric is categorized as a double knit fabric. We mainly use this kind of fabric in shorts, skirts, and trousers because of its thick composition and its ends do not tend to curl. The interlock fabric is extremely firm and absorbent. 


Screen Printing - This method uses multiple silk screens or stencils depending on how many color is on the print. The pattern is then used to for ink application. Mostly used for mass productions.

1.) A bit cheaper on production cost.
2.) Faster to produce for huge numbers.
1.) On long term, ink fades over time

Vinyl Print - This method transfers the printed design thru heat. We are mainly focusing on this print because of the quality.

1.) Print has good texture and Quality
2.) On long term, print does not fade
1.) Production Cost is a bit higher

Dye Sublimation - We also use sublimation, it provides good quality and lasting print but the problem is that it is best used on white fabrics only for the print changes color if the shirt is colored.