Guide to Order

Welcome to ClothesandCoffeeph! To make things easier for you, we made a step by step detailed guide on how to order, so let's have a cup of coffee while we are at it!  apple apple apple

Reservation after sending an order here on our website is only for a day so payments shall be settled the next day after sending the order.



Ordering is made simple. No need to wait for the invoice just go browse our website and add any item you like to your cart. Dimensions are given based on the width and the height so you will have an ample idea of the size of the item. It is best to consider a bit of allowance for some fabric are not stretchy.

Add the item you want to order by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button. After you are done shopping just click your cart located at the upper right corner, recheck your orders if you have the correct color and the correct number of item before you proceed to checkout. Remember to finalize your orders first before submitting it to avoid delays later on.

2.) Enter Shipping Details

During the "Enter Shipping Details" you will have to fill up details for the shipping of your order. Make sure to put the correct details at the indicated spaces for it. Make sure to put an active mobile number so the courier will be able to contact you easily and also, so we can avoid delays. We don't want that to happen as much as you do. 😉


After you complete the shipping details you will be choosing what shipping fee your orders fall in. You are responsible for choosing the right shipping fee here. There are indicated rates for Metro Manila and Provincial destinations when you checkout so please do choose the correct one. Should you choose the wrong one may it be by accident or intentionally, delays will happen because we will ask you to settle the lacking amount and we will not be shipping your order unless it is fully paid. 

No minimum number of items required and there is no maximum as well. Arrival time is estimated to be 2-4 working days. Sundays and holidays are not included.

For Metro Manila Areas - Php80.00 (No limit)

For Provincial (Areas outside Metro Manila) - Php150.00 (No limit)

Note: If you are inside Metro Manila but your order is to be picked up at an LBC branch then provincial rates will apply.

 *Our main courier is sonic express, if the customer wants his or her order to be shipped via JRS and it is not on bulk, the customer will handle the shipping fee.

4.) Payment Method

After choosing the right shipping fee, you will need to choose the mode of payment you will be paying at. Make sure to pay only at the indicated modes of payment. You can switch to any payment method anytime. Anyway details for our mode of payment are found here on our website as well.

 Let me have a sip of coffee first.. apple 😉


5.) Completion of Order

After you have chosen your mode of payment the order is now completed! You can now pay for your order. The items you added to your cart is now automatically reserved under your name. If you put your email at the upper part of the shipping details you will be receiving an email of your order, on the other hand if you put your mobile number you will be receiving a text message. 

There will be reminders on the completion page. Make sure to read those. You will find your order number there so take note of it. Message it on our Facebook page. Why? Should there be any concerns or problems regarding your order we can contact you asap so we can fix things sooner.

6.) Paying for your order

If you choose LBC as your mode of payment, go to the nearest LBC branch, make sure to bring one valid ID because they require the sender to have a semi account when you receive or send a money remittance. Just ask the representative at the counter on how to send a money remittance and they will gladly assist you. There will be a service charge for the remittance. Make sure details are correct!

Here are the LBC money remittance rates below. 

(Rates as of 2018, subject to change without notice) 

If you choose Palawan as your mode of payment, go to the nearest Palawan express branch. No need to bring an ID with you, just bring yourself and the payment. Service charge of palawan express is cheaper than that of the LBC so if you are tight in budget, maybe this one is for you. Make sure the details of the receiver are correct. They are very strict on this part, should there be any error in this, we will have to ask you to coordinate with the Palawan Express branch where you made your payment to have things fixed before we accept your payment as paid.

Palawan express rates:

If you choose BDO you can pay as a deposit to our account, or have it transferred online. Yes we accept online transfers. Any of these two would do just do not forget to screen shot the confirmation of the transfer. Note that BDO charges around 50 pesos for inter regional branch deposits. Make sure you got the correct account details. Note that you do not have to have a bank account to deposit your payment.

If you choose BPI you can pay as a deposit or transfer it online as well. Again make sure you got the correct account details. Note that you are not required to have a bank account to deposit your payment.

If you choose Gcash or Paymaya you can pay thru a 7-11 store and have it loaded on our account or via the Gcash or Paymaya app. Gcash and paymaya apps needs a verified account for app transfers. Again make sure you got the correct details. Just choose send money, then express send, and type the mobile number where you need to send the payment, then finally take a screenshot then of the confirmation and send it on our Facebook page.

Update: We are now accepting payments thru,

Note: Keep your slips/receipts safe for you will be taking a photo of it. Send it on our Facebook page as proof of payment. If you did it online then you will have to screen capture the confirmation or the transfer success page!


Account Name: Keith Emil C. Santos
Account Number: 4179-5640-63
Note: Please take a  photo or screenshot and message it to our Facebook Page.


Account Name: Keith Emil C. Santos
Account Number: 002-140-361-306
Note: Please take a  photo or screenshot and message it to our Facebook Page.

*LBC Palawan / Cebuana Money Remittance*

Name: Keith Emil C. Santos
Number: 0975-185-0993

Address: Karangalan Pasig City

Note: Please take a  photo and message it to our Facebook Page.


*Gcash (Send Money or Load via 711)*

Mobile Number: 0975-185-0993

Note: Please take a  photo or screenshot and message it to our Facebook Page.


*Paymaya (Send Money or Load via 711)*

Mobile Number: 0975-185-0993



1. Make sure to copy the correct details listed above to avoid any delays.

2. Keep your proof of payment safe and send us a photo on our Facebook page so we can acknowledge it paid. We will not acknowledge payments made without the photo of the receipt/slip.

3. Payments made other than the ones specified here will not be recognized. (See terms of service #6) 

7.) Payment Confirmation

After you send your proof of payment on our page, we will be messaging you a confirmation message that we have received your payment and the scheduled day for your order's shipping. We ship every Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday and the cutoff for payments is 4pm. Meaning if you sent your payment on a Monday at around 4:30 PM, we will be shipping your orders by Wednesday.

8.) After Shipment

After ship out, your order will be on its way. Arrival is estimated to be 2-3 working days for Metro Manila and 3-5 working days for provincial, excluding holidays and Sundays of course. For areas far away or hard to reach it may take a bit more. Your tracking number is the way to know how your delivery is doing. Tracking numbers will be posted on our website under "Shipments" and are estimated to be active around 1-2 working days after the shipping schedule as well. Keep in mind that you, the customer is responsible for tracking your order.

ClothesandCoffeePh will not be held liable should there be problem that roots from the customer's side not tracking their order, or giving an incomplete address. We know that some of you are concerned when it comes to privacy so some will not be filling up their complete shipping address but the courier cannot deliver your items on a very broad address. Do not worry we have stated that your information will be treated with care. See our privacy policy for this.

Should there be any delays or problem, message the courier's Facebook page immediately so they can assist you. Do not flood them because your message will go back to the top of their inbox, it will not help. We also offer assistance in this, we would not leave you hanging. You can message us for help or guide on what you need to do and we will be very happy to help! :) 

9.) Receiving your order

When you receive your order take a video while opening it so if there is any problem such as you received a damaged item or received an incomplete package, we can verify it and do something about it. Make sure to highlight the damaged part in the video if there is any.

Should by any chance a video is not taken or the damaged part is not shown in the video, Clothesandcoffeeph will not be held liable for it. Do not get us wrong, we do want to help and we value our customer satisfaction a lot because we want you to have a good experience ordering online here in our store but we need you to help us as well by providing those kinds of information. :) 

Well there you have it! Make sure to check our terms of service and privacy policy here on our website under the Terms and Policies.