Terms of Service

Terms and Conditions

  1. By placing your order on Clothes and Coffee Ph, you automatically agree to these Terms and Conditions.
  2. By using our website, you represent yourself to be at least of legal age on your state or province.
  3. The photos posted both on our facebook page and our website is the actual photo of the item, color may vary slightly in person because of the lighting used.
  4. Sizes are indicated on the item description on our website and facebook page in width and length. May the item not fit or be a little tight, you may request for an item change but Clothes and Coffee Ph will not handle the shipping fee for the exchange both back and forth. Refunds are not given as well so make sure to read our “Guide to Order” on our website to prevent these kind of issues.
  5. Third party services such as the courier, the bank, or the remittance centers are not in any way affiliated to Clothes and Coffee Ph. Should there be any problem on your payment not getting through, or the customer having lost your proof of payment, the team will do what we can to help but will not be responsible for it. As for the shipping we always make sure that your items are in good condition and is complete before it is shipped. Clothes and Coffee Ph will not be held liable for the damages caused on the courier side. A good example of such is the package getting soaked or submerged in flood specially on rainy seasons.
  6. It is the customer’s responsibility to track their orders. If there is any case that the order is returned due to such reasons as (1) No Consignee Present (2) Consignee unknown to the place (3) Cannot contact consignee or the number of the consignee is not active (4) Consignee did not contact the courier given the courier posted to contact them on their website. The team will not be held responsible for another shipping fee.
  7. Make sure to pay only on the selected modes of payment. Clothes and Coffee Ph has the right to decline any payment made aside from the ones listed on our website.
  8. Promos such as discounts and free shipping will only apply during the event period and if the customer reached the criteria. Should there be problems such as the order is returned to the shipper due to any reason that is under the responsibility of the customer Clothes and Coffee Ph will not handle another shipping fee. Free shipping in any case Clothes and Coffee Ph held a promo will only apply ones.
  9. The customer is responsible to fill up the correct details on the corresponding tab. Should there be any problems that arise due to incorrect or confusing information, Clothes and Coffee Ph will not be held responsible for it.
  10. If excess payment is made, do not worry just remind us and we will check our records. Those proven with excess payment will be deducted on their next order. Strictly no refunds will be given.
  11. Before checking out the customer must make sure that the order placed is correct. The customer will only be given an hour after the checkout to message us on our facebook page if there are any changes on their ordered items. Changes on shipping information will only be allowed before the day of shipping.
  12. If the customer is claiming that he/she received incomplete items from his/her order, the customer must send a video, opening the package from its sealed pouch as proof, otherwise the team cannot verify/accept the claim.
  13. Clothes and Coffee takes the right to make changes to these terms and conditions from time to time, so we encourage you to review this page.